Hey there lovelies!

So I’ve been experimenting with a video aspect to this blog.  I figure I can’t remain faceless forever right? I’ve decided to do some beer tastings that will be posted to YouTube.  This one is on Covington Brewhouse’s Pontchartrain Pilsner.

So Covington Brewhouse is in Covington, LA, (Thank you, Captain Obvious…) and the Pontchartrain Pilsner is a pilsner style beer (Oh look. There he is again.) The pilsner is a lager style beer originating in Pilsen, Czech Republic and was first developed by Josef Groll in 1842.  There are three main types of pilsners:

  • Czech styles, which tend to be golden in color while tasting light, delicate, and foamy. Ex.: Warsteiner
  • German style, which are to be paler than the Czech style, but more earthy and bitter in flavor Ex.: Pilsner Urquell
  • European style, which tend to be sweeter in taste.  Ex.: Heineken

The original pilsner, Pilsner Urquell, is still in production to this day and up until just over twenty years ago, they still brewed it the old fashioned way, in open barrels in the cellars under their facilities, which was the only plce they could consistently achieve the lower temperatures needed to brew it properly back in the day.  Modern refrigeration has really streamlined the process. They sill brew some the old way to let visitors to their brewery taste the difference.  Neat.

“But Matt,” I hear you asking, “how does it taste? Is it delicious? It is horrible? And more importantly, when will we finally get to see your incredibly handsome face?”  My answer, my dear reader, is twofold.  First and foremost, happy-oh-stop-it-you

Second of all, let me kill two birds with one stone here.  Enjoy!


So that’s my version.  I purposefully didn’t read the official description on Covington Brewhouse website so I wouldn’t be influenced by outside opinions.  They describe it thusly:

Pontchartrain Pilsner is a combination of Old World German and Czech style pilsner with a local twist. This refreshing local take on the classic styles is perfect to enjoy by itself or paired with fresh seafood dishes. Light in body with the beautiful golden straw color that is a hallmark of the genre, Pontchartrain Pilsner’s thoughtfully crafted blend of German Perle and Czech Saaz hops imbue it with a wonderful mellow herbal hop aroma.

Wow.  That’s some lovely, well thought out prose right there.  Y’all probably aren’t used to that here on Sip and Quip. It’s cool.  Won’t happen again.

Alight y’all.  That’s all I’ve got to say on that! Enjoy your beverages and try to check out the Pontchartrain Pilsner!



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